Oral Ulcers

Problem: Surprise had a history of a right sided nasal discharge that had been present on and off for a year. The discharge was thick, yellow-green in color and had an odor.
The discharge would disappear when antibiotics were administered but then would quickly return.

Examination: Oral examination revealed a wedge fracture Oral Ulcers

[fracture involving the chewing surface, extending down below the gum line but not progressing down the middle of the tooth] on the outside [cheek] side of the second to last upper right cheek tooth [#110].

Radiographs: Digital radiographs of the tooth showed the presence of an abscess involving one of the roots of this tooth.

Oral UlcersDiagnosis: Abscessed tooth resulting from a fracture at the chewing surface that had extended up one of the pulp horns of the tooth into the root. When horses are this young, the roots of the last two upper cheek teeth reside in the sinuses. The abscessed tooth, therefore, drained into the sinus, causing the nasal discharge on the right side.

Treatment Plan: Standing oral extraction of the affected tooth.

Follow-up: The nasal discharge resolved after the tooth was successfully extracted and antibiotics were given to treat the remaining sinus infection.