Dr. Carrie Niederman, VMD, FAVD, Eq

Dr. Caroline “Carrie” Niederman is a 1986 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. After completing an internship at Kansas State University and doing some nutritional research at Virginia Maryland Veterinary School, Dr. Niederman moved to Texas. For five years she taught in the Veterinary Technology and Biology Departments at Tomball College north of Houston.

In 1998 she started her own mobile veterinary practice, with a goal of focusing exclusively on dentistry. Dr. Niederman provides dental care to horses of all ages and uses her nutrition background to adjust feeding programs based on their dental health.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Bob Boyd, board certified small animal dentist in Houston, Dr. Niederman completed the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Alternative training track available to equine veterinarians to advance their dentistry knowledge. In February, 2012, Dr. Niederman passed the examination to become the first female equine dental fellow in the Academy.

Dr. Niederman has discovered the power of meditation and the joy of reading and loves taking her dogs, Houdi and Woodway for walks.