Overweight Adult Horse


Problem:  Considered an “easy keeper”.  The body condition score is at a 6 of 9 on the Henneke Scale.  Spongy fat deposits behind the shoulder.  Spongy fat deposits at the base of the tail.  Owner concerned with metabolic issues.

Solution:  Analysis of current diet and three month follow up.  Determine what changes must be made to […]

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Underweight Young Horse


Problem: Young horse with poor body condition.

Solution: Brief nutritional review. Submit Fecal Egg Count (FEC) for suspect worm overload. Based on FEC findings, it may be necessary to deworm the horse before making changes to the diet. Increase the amount of feed and forage and potentially change the types of both, necessary for a growing […]

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Underweight Senior Horse


Problem: Weight loss in a senior horse

Solution: Complete oral examination to determine if the horse is still able to chew long stem hay. Analyze current diet. Change ration to a Senior feed to provide fiber needed if the horse can no longer receive from hay. Senior feed also needs to contain enough fat to allow […]

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Poor Topline Evaluation


Problem: Lack of muscle mass over back and loin. Topline evaluation score of B-. Topline Evaluation Score (TES) is an indicator of the amino acid profile of the horse’s diet and his exercise program. The score is a grading scale from A (Ideal) to D (thin along back, loin and croup)

Solution: Brief nutrition review, with […]

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