Problem:Swelling on the left side of his face that had been getting progressively bigger despite administration of oral antibiotics. Horse also had more problems eating hay.

Examination:The third upper left cheek tooth[#208] was found to be loose/mobile.

Hooks on first cheek teeth

Radiographs:Digital radiographs of the tooth showed loss of boney attachment of the tooth and an abscess developing at the root of the tooth.

Diagnosis: Abscess of #208 cheek tooth.

Hooks on first cheek teethTreatment Plan:Oral extraction of 208 tooth.  The alveolus was not packed because it was very shallow. The horse was placed on oral antibiotics for another month to address the remaining abscess. Post extraction radiographs were taken to ensure removal of all of the tooth.

Follow up: Horse started eating hay better after the extraction and the facial swelling resolved about 3 months post extraction.