How often does your horse need dental work? How far does Dr. Niederman travel to see clients?
Get answers to these and other commonly asked questions….

Horses should have a complete oral examination done under sedation with use of a full mouth speculum every year. Twice yearly exams are encouraged when horses are 2-5 yrs of age while they are erupting new permanent teeth.
Dr. Niederman services a wide radius around Houston. In an effort to conserve diesel fuel and cut costs to her clients, Dr. Niederman groups calls and tries to service only one “area” each day. That way the trip charge can be split amongst several owners.
Dr. Niederman recommends doing a complete oral examination when the horse is between 1-2 yrs of age. Ideally the animal is examined when it is a young foal so any major jaw length discrepancies can be addressed before the upper and lower jaws stop growing.
Sedation is necessary in all cases to allow manual and visual examination of all of the horses’ cheek teeth.
Many horses can chew and maintain body weight quite well despite having oral pain from sharp enamel points or malocclusions (ie. Hooks, ramps, steps, waves) The horse may have a metabolic issue/concern that is related to the increase in fat/weight.  A nutritional consult will evaluate any changes necessary to help the horse achieve a more ideal weight.
Yes and No. If the horse has been a meticulous eater and then starts to drop feed, this change may be due to a dental problem.
There are many reasons why a horse can be thin. A dental examination along with a nutritional consult can address many of those possibilities.