newsletterA basic guideline to making sure your horse receives the correct amount of feed and hay is to weigh them. The following is a simple way to measure how much feed/hay your horse is getting in its ration.

First, purchase an inexpensive food scale that will weigh up to the amount your horse will need per feeding. They can be found at Wal-Mart or any store that carries kitchen gadgets and such. Place the scale on a level surface. Adjust the red pointer to “0” by turning the scale ring. The scale needs to read zero before you weigh the feed/hay. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

Next, get a zip lock bag and put the amount of feed that your horse needs based on his age, activity level and weight. Be sure you have a good idea what your horse weighs also. Place that bag of feed on the scale…read the weight. (Fig.2)This is what your horse, based on the parameters for your horse, needs to receive if feeding on a twice per day basis.

The same procedure applies to weighing the amount of recommended hay your horse needs also. Just place a pad of hay on the scale after zeroing it out. Read the weight, if your hay is in good tight pads, soon you’ll be able to gauge the weight of each pad if they are consistent in size/weight.

One more way to FEED BY WEIGHT, NOT VOLUME is to zero out the scoop used to serve up the feed for your horse. Place the scoop on the scale, zero it out, then put some feed in the scoop and weigh it on the scale. (Fig.3) If not the correct weight, remove any excess feed and then weigh again. Eventually, it will become routine.


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