The tabs on the left will outline the specific fees associated with the dental and nutritional services Dr. Niederman provides.  Some general points:

  • Farm Call:
    • Niederman does not have a clinic so she travels to your home or stable. Therefore, there is a farm or trip charge fee for every appointment.
    • The amount will vary depending on your location.
    • The farm call will be divided amongst the owners seen at one location.
    • Niederman does her best to coordinate appointments by area to reduce this cost.
  • Electronic records:
    • At the time of the appointment an itemized bill is created and sent electronically to you for your records.
  • Payments:
    • Payments are due at the time the service is provided unless you have made prior arrangements to pay online.
    • All forms of payment are accepted.

Dr. Niederman uses Square Up for credit card transactions.

squareTo pay a Square Invoice,

  1. begin by clicking Pay Invoice in the invoice notification email.
  2. Fill in all required info: Name on card, card number, expiration month and year, billing zip code, and CVV.
  3. Click Submit.

All Dentals start with a Complete Oral Exam under sedation.

Here are a few photos showing the placement and benefit of using a full mouth speculum .


All of the 24 cheek teeth and soft tissues (cheek, tongue) within the mouth can be visually examined.

 Please visit the Exam Tab Under Services for a slide show of the steps.

  • Sedation and Exam: $100 (as of July 1, 2017)

From this point the costs can be as follows:

  • Full regular float (removal of routine sharp enamel points on the outside of the upper and inside of the lower cheek teeth): $65
  • Total cost of routine dental: $ 165
  • Partial float: Will be determined based on how much of the mouth needs attention.
  • Correction of other dental abnormalities: Costs will be outlined at the time of the oral exam
[See Solutions section for some common findings (hooks, ramps, steps, calculus)]
  • No float or corrections needed: $0
  • Nutritional consults: see Nutrition tab for pricing and details.
    • This is the most common outcome with older patients. The focus shifts from dental work to designing the correct nutritional plan for your horse.
Nutrition Consult Options/Fees:

  • Review of Nutritional Principles:
    Cost: $35/With Scale: $45


  • Evaluation of Current Diet:
    Cost: $90
    Cost with Hay Analysis (recommended): $120


  • Evaluation of Current Diet with Follow up:

    • One month: $120
    • Two months: $150
    • Three months: $180

A follow up on-site visit can be arranged at a cost of $120.


  • Hay Analysis only:

    • Basic: $30
    • Advanced: $40