The fee is best divided into three parts.
(1) Basic dental fee
(2) Additional Fees
(3) Farm call or trip charge
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All dentals start at a baseline price that includes:

Basic Fee: $155 as of September 8, 2015

Initial Sedation:
All horses are given an intravenous

[IV] injection of a sedative. Drugs used include dormosedan, xylazine, butorphanol.

Oral Examination:
Before opening the mouth, the incisor alignment is evaluated; the bars and palate are palpated to determine their shape and size; and, using a cheek retractor, the horse’s chewing motion is evaluated by watching how the cheek teeth occlude as the lower jaw is moved side to side.

With the mouth opened using a full mouth speculum, all teeth are palpated to identify mobility and sharpness of enamel points. A dental mirror and headlight are used to detect the presence of any cheek teeth malocclusions; cheek and tongue ulcerations; periodontal pockets; and any cheek teeth occlusal [chewing surface] defects. All physical examination findings are recorded on a dental chart, a copy of which is given to the owner and referring veterinarian if applicable.

Maintenance Float:
This consists of the removal of routine sharp enamel points on the outside of the upper and the inside of the lower cheek teeth.

Additional Fees:

The price of the dental work increases if additional sedation or dental corrections are needed. The latter would apply to the removal of any cheek tooth or incisor malocclusion to balance the horse’s mouth [occlusal adjustment]; treatment of any stage of periodontal disease; removal of incisor or canine tartar; blunting of sharp canines and extractions* of any teeth. A comprehensive estimate can be given after the oral examination is completed and all abnormalities have been identified.

Farm call or trip charge:

will vary depending on the location from home base. The trip charge will be divided amongst all the horses examined at one location so it is most economical to try to coordinate your visit with others when possible.

*Extractions are often done at a separate time and estimates are generated on a case by case basis