Left Sided Nasal Discharge

DSC00526Problem: Left sided nasal discharge. Discharge had an odor and was yellow-green in color. Oral examination revealed a saggital fracxture of the last left upper cheek tooth. The root of this tooth communicates with the sinus, causing a secondary sinusitis. Once the sinus was full of fluid, the nasal discharge started.

Solution:Oral […]

Packing Food in Between Teeth

Problem: Packing food in between cheek teeth on upper left side. Horse may have bad breath.

Solution: Food needs to be removed and underlying gum tissue needs to be visually and radiographically evaluated.

Calculus on Lower Right Canine

Problem: Calculus on lower right canine

Solution: Remove using dental forceps. Mild gingivitis may develop underneath the calculus that will resolve on its own.

Very Tall Tooth

Problem: Very tall tooth [step] shown on left. Normal mouth shown on right where all of the teeth are the same height.

Solution: Tooth needs to be reduced in stages to prevent pulp exposure. A tooth this tall may not ever be level to the rest of the teeth in the arcade (row) but […]

Numerous Expired Cheek Teeth

Problem: Numerous expired cheek teeth [enamel in the center of the tooth has worn down to the gum line, thus reducing the horse’s surface area for chewing hay. A normal age related change].  The picture to the right is a view of a the teeth of a young horse, before it […]

Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis

Problem: Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis. A non infectious process that commonly affects the incisors, starting with the corners and moving towards the midline, and causes these teeth to become loose or even fracture. Radiographs are needed to evaluate what is happening below the gum line. This disease can be quite painful.

Solution: Standing oral extraction: Intra oral radiographs are […]

Discolored Central Incisors

prob3bProblem: Discolored central incisors. Most likely secondary to trauma that led to death of the outer enamel and dentin of these teeth.

Solution: Diseased enamel and dentin removed. Composite restoration placed to prevent further decay. Although the esthetics of the composite needs improvement, it is preventing further decay from spreading to the rest […]