Cheek teeth schematic
Function: Grinding of food down to a small enough size for the horse to swallow it. The jaws grind side to side when hay and grass is eaten and up and down when grain is consumed.
Number: 24 total

[4 sets of six cheek teeth (each set is called an arcade)].
Cheek teeth consist of premolars and molars. The premolars have a baby set while the molars do not.
The last four upper cheek teeth can communicate with the horse’s sinuses.  Infection of these teeth secondary to fracture or periodontal disease can lead to a secondary sinusitis and a one sided nasal discharge. This discharge also usually has an odor.
Cheek Teeth

Intraoral view of the mouth


Cheek teeth include premolars and molars.


Eruption of permanent cheek teeth [yrs]

Cheek Teeth

Permanent cheek teeth erupting