Problem: Silvester had a history of eating awkwardly.  No swellings or nasal discharge noted.

Examination: Oral examination revealed an extra tooth on the palatal side of the left maxillary fourth premolar.

[#208] The tooth was mobile upon palpation which the horse resented.

Radiographs: Intra-oral radiographs allowed isolation and assessment of this tooth.

Diagnosis: Supernumerary 208 [SN 208]

Treatment plan: Standing oral extraction of the extra tooth.  Extraction was performed at a clinic in case either the large palatine artery which runs within this area of the mouth or the palate [roof of the mouth] was damaged during the procedure.  Oral extraction was very straightforward.  The extraction site was packed to prevent food for accumulating in this area. Radiographs were taken after the extraction to confirm removal of the entire tooth.

Follow up: After an initial adjustment period, Silvester was eating more comfortably.